Asthma “AIR” visits for next school year begin in June

Donna AIR visitBlue Ridge Pediatrics will begin our third annual “AIR” (Asthma Intervention and Return to School) visits beginning mid-June.  Call to schedule an appointment before school starts.  Asthma ER visits  and hospitalizations increase dramatically in August and September when students return to school and are exposed to asthma triggers.  The purpose of these visits is to ensure all students with asthma return to school in August healthy and prepared.  Our goal is to ensure every asthmatic patient has their rescue inhaler, school medication administration forms, and spacers ready to take with them the first day of school.   We will revise and optimize medications as needed.  Our knowledgeable staff will provide a “refresher” to students on the importance of taking their medicines as well as how to properly administer them.

Click on the links below to learn more about the “AIR” program’s success and how we are keeping our patients healthy!

“AIR” program recognized by the South Carolina Asthma Alliance.  Read the letter Dr. Mike Bowman from MUSC wrote about the program here.

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