Dr. Gully’s Top Ten reasons why Blue Ridge Pediatrics has the best front office staff…

Recently, I have received a great deal of positive feedback about the front office staff from parents and patients. They are awesome! Don’t forget to share your encouraging comments with them as well. The following list should offer plenty of topics to strike up a conversation with them. Here is my top ten list of why I love them and why you should too.

Dr. Gully’s Top Ten reasons why Blue Ridge Pediatrics has the best front office staff…

  1. They are the wizards of multitasking. While they are signing you in, they have your insurance company on line one, the cardiologist on line three, ensuring your child’s medications are called in to the correct pharmacy, faxing school permission slips, AND making a color copy of your child’s growth chart so that their grandmother in Arizona can finish her scrapbook. ALL WITH A SMILE
  2. They have medical backgrounds (Liz and Jasmine are Certified Medical Assistants and Orenda is a Nursing Assistant)
  3. Although Liz is our only fluent Spanish speaking staff member, Jasmine THINKS she is too
  4. They have accents and dialects that you won’t hear anywhere north west of the Blue Ridge Escarpment
  5. You don’t have be embarrassed that your toddler is having a temper tantrum in the waiting room because Amanda has twin toddlers at home
  6. You won’t get a speeding ticket coming to our office because Jasmine already has the highway patrol tied up
  7. Orenda volunteers herself monthly for real life anaphylaxis and CPR training (ask her about it)
  8. They really care about the families of our patients
  9. They are all EXCEPTIONAL mothers and in Dr. Gully’s opinion-parenting experts
  10. They do an AMAZING amount of hard work and get little of the credit

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