“AIR” Asthma Intervention & Return to School

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Asthma Guide to Success

If your school age child has asthma, remember to schedule “AIR” appointment every summer.

Blue Ridge Pediatrics’ “AIR” (Asthma Intervention and Return to school) program is in its 5th season.  Its success has been recognized on a state and national level and is endorsed by the SC Asthma Alliance.  Please call our office this summer to schedule an appointment in July or August so they will be ready with rescue inhalers, spacers and school forms on the first day of school.  Many thanks to parents, school nurses and our staff for keeping our asthmatic patients healthy upon return to school in August.

Our Asthma Intervention and Return to school visits have been a great success!  Thanks to all the Blue Ridge Pediatric staff and school nurses who helped in developing and providing this essential preventative service to our asthmatic patients.  It is their hard work that ensured these children had a successful and healthy return to school.

Asthma emergency room visits and hospital admissions peak upon return to school.  We hope that by preparing our asthmatic patients to properly manage their symptoms this can be prevented.

About the “AIR” program:

Our goal is to make sure every school age child with asthma has their medications, spacers and school medication forms ready for the first day of school.  It is also an opportunity to make sure your child’s asthma is well controlled prior to the peak cold and flu season.  We will also go over proper medication administration and spacer use.


“AIR” appointments will be offered to all children with asthma from June 1st until early September.  If our office has not already scheduled your child an appointment, please call 864-888-4464 and we will happily get them scheduled.  Please bring all medicines your child is taking and their spacers with you to your appointment.

 “AIR” program featured on the South Carolina Asthma Alliance website