Welcome to our parent pages where I hope you will find useful information regarding your child’s physical and emotional health.  Click on the links to download patient handouts.


ADHD Establishing a Treatment Plan
ADHD Does my Child have ADHD
ADHD Educational Rights
ADHD Establishing a Daily Report Card
ADHD Homework Tips
ADHD- Parenting a Child With ADHD
ADHD Medications
ADHD-Treatment thru Behavioral Therapy


Asthma Guide to Success
MDI with spacer
Asthma: Identifying Environmental Triggers

Behavior and Development:

Autism: Emergency Information Form for Children With Autism
Aspergers: Teaching Social Skills to Children and Teens with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Careers and their effects on children
Death and Dying
Divorce- Effects on Children
Discipline and Behavior
Kindergarten Readiness
Phrases for Behavior
Speech and Language Development
Temper Tantrums 10 tips for parents

Newborns and Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding and Pumping
Bulb Syringe
Making the circumcision decision
Early introduction of Peanut Instructions for Parents
Formula Dilution Instructions for Parents
Gentian Violet treatment
Infant Feeding Guide
First Weeks At Home With Your Newborn
Your Newborn’s Appearance

Nutrition/Childhood Obesity:

Calorie Boosters
Cholesterol and Kids
Dash Diet
Failure to Thrive: Poor Weight Gain in Children
High Blood Pressure Managment
Obesity Diet Ideas
Picky Eaters: Appetite Slump in Toddlers
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Children and Teens
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity
Tips for Maintaining Healthy Weight
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity

General Pediatrics:

Common Cold
Constipation in Children
Ear Wax
Insect Bites
Pain Reliever Dosing
Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak
Sun Protection
Tooth Care Toddler
Vomiting and Diarrhea

Infectious Diseases:

Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus “MRSA”